Warning signs you’re working for the wrong company

If you are teetering on the proverbial fence about whether or not your current position is the right fit for you, here are four warning signs insinuating that it may be time to take the next step in your career search.

You Lack of Passion/Interest

A loss of passion or interest in your work could be the number one red flag indicating that it may be time to pursue an alternate career route.

Do you feel differently about your career than how you felt the day you started? Is your workload getting monotonous? If you’re finding ways to kill time, maybe your current role isn’t a good fit for you anymore.

Your Talents are not Being Utilized to their Full Potential

Are you a brilliant interior designer stuck pushing papers? Do you never have a chance to flaunt the programing skills you studied in college? Or do you just simply feel stuck in your current role with no hope for development? Take the hint: it’s time to move on.

There are very few things more frustrating than the feeling of being underutilized in the workplace, especially for ambitious individuals. Why work for a company that doesn’t value your input? Insider tip: you don’t have to. If your boss doesn’t see you as a vital asset, find one who does.

You Don’t Fit in With the Culture

As the saying goes: you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. But what about your work family? Work environment is critical to your professional success. Chances are, you’ll never be happy with a company that doesn’t share the same professional ideals and principles as yourself.

Are you the poster child or antithesis of the brand you’re representing? Do you work with like-minded individuals? Do you detest or anticipate coworker interactions? Not all social problems have solutions. If the issue of work is with the company itself rather than the tasks allotted, perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel.

You Get More Stressed Than it’s Worth

Does your career cause you an overwhelming amount of anxiety? Is it like pulling teeth just responding company emails? Is it getting harder hitting the snooze button in the morning? Call it quits.

Stress should never be compensation for success. If your workplace is the leading source of unwarranted misery, it may be time to sever ties, in the right way of course. We have enough stress in our lives as is, and the workplace doesn’t have to be one of them.

4 warning signs you’re working for the wrong company

Job seeking is like dating: finding a convenient one is easy.. Finding the one, well, that’s not always so simple.

Don’t let doubt cloud your ambition. You have a better chance of finding what you want if you remove yourself from what you don’t want. If your ideal career is not your current position, have the courage to start all over again.

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Source: Shawn Hampton (Ladders)


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