The Billion Dollar Turndown Market – the Best New Business Strategy






The Billion Dollar Turndown

Market – the Best New Business Strategy

Thursday, April 6, 2017

2:00 PM EDT

Top originators have figured out a way to keep their prospects away from competitors.

The new battle ground for the highest quality opportunities will be fought over YOUR TURNDOWNS. “We lost $236MM in loan volume in 2016 alone” a branch manager from a top firm explains how important tracking turndowns is for the future of their business.

See for yourself how top originators and forward thinking up-and-comers are positioning themselves to lead the future of the mortgage industry.

“Your competitors want what you have and without a strategy you will lose it.” – Alex Kutsishin

What you’ll learn:
* What is the Billion Dollar Turndown Market and how you can take advantage of it
* Why top originators think differently and ask harder questions
* How technology is changing the mortgage industry
* What is Actionable Knowledge and why it’s so important
* How to get your piece of this market

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About the Presenter

0098 RM2 5550

Alex Kutsishin, Co-Founder and Chief ROI Booster, Sales Boomerang

With 17 years of business experience specifically focusing in technology and marketing communications, Alex brings with him a wealth of knowledge, passion and understanding of emerging markets. Alex’s first technology venture was the nation’s first software for creating custom mobile websites. “I had a feeling that mobile was going to be much more than a communication tool and luckily we had the resources to bring our idea to life.” Before exiting at the end of 2014 the company had customers in over 100 countries.

Now Alex’s focus has shifted towards the mortgage industry as he has identified a new opportunity that is hiding in plain sight. After a year of research and a board of advisors with almost three decades of mortgage experience, Alex and his team have discovered how the mortgage industry is changing and where the best opportunities will come from.

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