Interview Preparation: 5 Apps That Will Fully Prepare You for a Job Interview

Interview Preparation:

terviewing is a skill; it requires thorough preparation and practice. The amount of time you allocate for getting ready can make all the difference between landing a job and going back to the drawing board.

However, the key to success is not dependent on doing more. It’s doing less. That is, to use your time efficiently in the most productive way possible. These five time-saving apps will help thoroughly prepare you for a job interview:

1. Wordzen

Ensure every email is polished and professional with Wordzen, an executive assistant for your Gmail account. By pressing the “smart send” button after writing a preliminary draft, Wordzen editors will transform shorthand notes into professional emails. This service can also ensure perfect English and perfect your tone, sentence structure, and word choice. The whole process takes less than ten minutes and is completely free.

2. Charlie

Compiling well-rounded profiles of HR professionals can take hours. Make a lasting impression at any job interview with Charlie. This hack will comb through hundreds of sources and send you a one-page email briefing of recruiters and the companies they represent. Charlie’s algorithm automatically sifts through social data and highlights company news, key competitors and more.

3. MyTopTweet

Believe it or not, Twitter can help you get a job! With MyTopTweet, easily uncover a company’s culture, values, and accomplishments. Once feeding the company’s name into the search engine, this app will list their top ten performing tweets. The app also digs up archived material you wouldn’t find on the company’s website, LinkedIn or other social media platform. Getting insider knowledge about a company is like striking gold in the job application process, making you an outstanding candidate.

4. Pramp

Practice makes perfect. With Pramp, you can practice technical interviews for free. Customize live video sessions by focusing on specific weaknesses or areas of ambiguity. The site will provide interview questions (and answers) that you and a matched peer will go through together. After the 30-minute conversation is complete, you will provide and receive contructive feedback.

5. Job Interview Question-Answer

This interactive Android app created by CareerConfidential will help you gain the confidence you need to ace your next interview. With Job Interview Question-Answer, users can practice tough interview questions in mock interviews. There is also a recording option that allows you to play back and determine whether the answers you provided are as strong as possible. Then, watch career professional and coach Peggy McKee answer each question and break down what an interviewer is actually looking for in your responses.

Source: Herrine Ro (Ladders)

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