How to stand out: Follow These Six Practices to Stand-Out

How to stand out: Whether you are going to an interview for your dream job, presenting a sales pitch to a potential client or performing everyday office duties in your administrative assistant position, it is important to stand out from other candidates, salesmen or co-workers in order to land that position, make the sale, or advance in your existing career. Follow these six tips to differentiate yourself from your competition.

1. Have Meaningful Conversations

When you are interacting with a colleague, a client or a hiring manager, be authentic and open to communicating. Focus on making a connection with that person so you stand out in his mind. Look for values that you share with the other person, and focus the conversation on things you have in common.

2. Go the Extra Mile

Be willing to put in some extra effort for your clients or your boss. Providing service that is unexpected yet exceptional lets you stand out by making the experience memorable. Send a personalized follow-up note to a hiring manager who interviewed you, or show interest in a client’s family or hobbies.

3. Be Genuine and Mindful

Showing kindness and humility earns you a lot of respect in any situation, whether personal or professional. Encourage your co-workers, and acknowledge their accomplishments. A simple and sincere thank you to a client makes you stand out by showing that you take the time to appreciate their business. If you are a manager, recognize your employees for exemplary performance.

4. Accept Constructive Criticism

When a co-worker or superior offers you feedback, do not get defensive. Accept this criticism as advice, and view it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Be open-minded about the feedback you are given. If you disagree with it or do not find it helpful, let it go; avoid taking the criticism personally.

5. Give Credit to Others

When you are being recognized for a job well done, be sure to share the credit with anyone else who helped you. Sharing this spotlight and praise with your teammates makes you stand out by showing your humble nature. On the contrary, if you receive negative feedback, be willing to accept the blame rather than finding fault with your co-workers.

6. Avoid Office Politics

While some in your organization may try to climb the corporate ladder by playing office politics, avoid these situations. Stay neutral when conflict arises between co-workers, and evade situations that involve gossip or drama.

These six tips can help you differentiate yourself from others as you start out in your career, thrive in your current position, or vie for promotions to advance up the corporate ladder. Stand out by engaging others in meaningful conversations, going above and beyond the call of duty, and acting genuine. Be willing to take criticism, give others the credit they deserve and avoid getting wrapped up in office politics.

Source: Michele Warg (Beyond)

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