How to Deal with Negativity

Showing confidence at work reassures your boss, team and clients that you have what it takes to get things done. Contrarily, a lack of self-assurance at the office can hurt your career by holding you back and making your manager second-guess any abilities. Regain your confidence and bounce back from situations that may dampen your gung-ho attitude.

A recent survey by Robert Half shows 89 percent of employees feel confident enough to ask for a raise, but just 54 percent planned to actually ask. These numbers indicate workers may not feel as self-assured as they think. Something could have happened to rattle someone’s positive outlook at the office, or a setback may have shaken someone’s steely attitude. Regain your confidence after dealing with these negative situations.

How to Deal with Negativity

Bad Performance Review

You listen to your boss rattle off several things that went wrong over the past six months instead of hearing him praise your acumen, work ethic and sales abilities. You expect a good performance review, a pat on the back and then a raise. Instead, you feel shaken by a poor or average rating as you sign the letter acknowledging the review. Regain your confidence by seeing this negative review as an opportunity to improve your performance. Write down several actions to take to move forward in your professional development and reassure everyone you’ve understood what needs to happen next.

Saying You Cannot Handle a Project

Telling yourself that you cannot handle a big project means you’ve already lost. A lot of winning comes from an attitude of knowing you have the talent to succeed. Regain your confidence by relying on skills used to tackle previous work. You already have the competence, training and know-how to complete everything at work successfully. This is what your boss hired you to do. Prop yourself up by telling yourself you have what it takes.

Turned Down for a Raise

Do not take it personally when a manager turns you down for a raise. Sometimes, the budget simply may not be there in a down year. If not extra money, ask human resources if other benefits could compensate for a job well done. Next time the topic of a raise comes up, have a list of accomplishments ready for your boss to show him you deserve more money. Regain your confidence with concrete figures and a quiet determination to show you mean business during salary negotiations.

Dwelling on Mistakes

Dwelling on mistakes may spiral down into a confidence-killing attitude that holds you back from promotions, raises or higher-up jobs at other firms. Everyone makes mistakes, so own up to it, take responsibility for your actions, apologize to your supervisor and learn what to do about it. Similar to professional athletes who make mistakes on big plays, just focus on making the next play count. If you struck out the previous at bat, know that you have another opportunity to make a difference the next time you step up to the plate.

Bounce back and show resilience at work by realizing you have the expertise to perform day-to-day tasks with precision, poise and resolve. Regain your confidence with the same attitude showed in the interview that landed the job in the first place. That person resides in you, just waiting to appear again.

Bouncing Back From Negativity

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