Five Reasons You Didn’t Get Called for That Interview

Five Reasons You Didn’t Get Called for That Interview – You’ve proofread your cover letter countless times, pored painstakingly over your resume and picked out the perfect power suit to impress a hiring manager. Still, you’re not getting called for a job interview. Before you send in another application packet, take a look at five reasons hiring reps may pass you up for a job interview.

1. You’re Not Qualified

Read the job posting carefully before you send in your resume. Make sure you meet the minimum qualifications and have the necessary educational experience. If the job listing states that a master’s degree is required, you can’t skirt by with a bachelor’s degree. Don’t waste your or the hiring manager’s time by applying for positions that don’t fit your skills and experience.

2. Your Resume Lacks Keywords

Never use a generic resume; customize every application packet you send. Take the time to read the job posting carefully before you craft your resume. Use keywords directly from the job ad to grab the hiring manager’s attention and show that you’re worthy of a job interview.

3. Your Resume Is Boring

A resume that’s filled with bullet point after bullet point of job responsibilities is not likely to impress any hiring rep. It’s not enough to simply list the job description for each of your previous positions. Potential employers want to know what you can offer the organization, and the best way to demonstrate this is by listing your accomplishments. List marketing awards you’ve won, sales quotas you’ve exceeded or innovations you’ve introduced to show the hiring manager that you are a valuable asset to an employer.

4. Your Online Presence

Be aware of how your online presence can affect your job prospects. A hiring rep is unlikely to call you for a job interview if your Facebook account makes you appear like an excessive partyer or an excitable drama queen. Clean up your social media profiles to remove offensive photos, and be selective about the things you post. Create a LinkedIn profile so you can connect with others in your industry and share articles about your profession.

5. You’re Not Being Thorough

Lack of attention to detail can often land your resume in the reject pile. Review every application packet before you send it, and be sure that you follow all of the job posting’s directions. Address your cover letter to a specific person rather than using a generic salutation; do some research to learn the hiring manager’s name if you have to. If you’re submitting an electronic application packet, send your attachments to several friends to make sure that the files open properly.

If you’ve lost track of the number of resumes sent out and you’re still not getting called for job interviews, it’s time to diagnose the problem. Take a look at these five reasons for being passed up for a job interview so you can correct the issue before you waste any more time.

Source: John Krautzel (Beyond)

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