Changing Careers Because You Hate Your Job

Consider the following if you are thinking about changing careers…


Talk to Someone

If you hate your job, you should confide in a professional before making any serious steps. You may just be feeling the frustration of dealing with your current workload. Try to address the problems with a human resources professional at your current job before you take further action. Requesting a raise, promotion or switching to another department at your current job may be all you need to find joy in your work again.


Consider Changing Your Employer First

Working for a terrible employer can make even the most resilient employee despise the job and seek out a new career. Keep in mind that you can switch to another employer without completely changing industries if you hate your job. A better employer and a harmonious work environment may help you enjoy your work again without revamping your career.


Assess New Career Possibilities

Before you consider abandoning your career, assess new career possibilities. Looking at your career options with a dose of reality and common sense can help you make an intelligent decision. Consider what industries you are interested in and the chances of you excelling in a different career. Ponder how your current qualifications and skills can be transferred to help you land a better job in a new industry.


Consider Your Work History

Just because you hate your job, don’t allow your feelings to place you in a complicated work situation that you may regret later. If you are a senior professional with years of work experience and industry accomplishments, changing your career could place you back in an entry-level position on your new career path. If you are a new professional in the field, changing your career may not affect you as much, and you can start anew with less worry.


Wait Before You Quit

Don’t allow all the hard work you have completed toward your current career to suddenly go up in smoke. Give yourself adequate time to think it over before making a career change. If you are no longer passionate about the type of work you do, and you hate your job to the core, you may want to try a new career path to restore your spirit and positivity.

It is important to never make your career change in haste and for the wrong reason. If you hate your job, try other options before changing your career. Don’t allow anyone else to make the decision for you based on their own beliefs. If you still believe that a new career is the best option, then follow the path with confidence.


Article Source: (John Krautzel)



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