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Banking Careers – Banks and credit unions sell and service a myriad of financial products, and collectively hold billions of dollars in assets, commercial and personal accounts, and policies. The people who are employed in various banking positions manage all manner of money transactions made by banks and credit unions every day. Banks can be small, locally owned banks in rural areas, with local customers who are loyal to the bank owners and managers who are their neighbors. Careers at these banks tend to be very stable, longstanding jobs, with close relationships among the local residents and customers. Banks can also be huge multi-national financial institutions that handle millions of transactions daily. Large financial institutions and credit unions offer various options for the person seeking a position in a financial institution, with vast opportunities for advancement and promotion within the large departments of the company.

Additional information on Banking Careers:

  • Banks and credit unions employ many people for various positions. At the core of a bank are bank tellers, bank or branch managers, loan and mortgage officers, credit analysts, and office or administrative staff.
  • Larger banks employ many different levels of each of those five positions, according to the responsibility of the position. Additionally, larger banks also employ other company staff, such as human resources, personnel, payroll, information technology (computers and software), and marketing staff, similar to what would be found at any large company.

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