Bank Teller Interview Questions (Part I)

Why do you want to become a bank teller:

  • I have very good communication skills and enjoy talking to people. I believe I could be very good at this job and that’s the main reason why I apply for it.
  • I am very interested in banking as well as in helping the others. Position of a bank teller is the one where I can combine these things, so it was my first choice.
  • I am a proud client of your bank. I really like the customer service here. I would be proud to be a member of this team and believe that I have all the needed predispositions for it.

Special tip:

Choose a good attire for an interview for bank teller position. You should focus on the dress code of the company. Choose the same colors the tellers use, if the colors are not too blur of shiny. This way, you already present yourself as someone with real interest of the position and knowledge of rules. Small details can often make a big difference


Why Did You Choose Our Bank:

  • I am a client of this bank for several years. I really enjoy coming here and to be honest, I can’t imagine working for any other banking institution.
  • I am a client of a bank, know all the products and the advantages it has when compared to other institutions. Therefor, I believe that I have the best predispositions and knowledge to work as a teller here and not anywhere else.
  • Your bank is the best bank in the US, especially for the middle class. I would be proud on myself working here.


Why should we hire you:

Here are some good examples of an answer for your inspiration. You should always try to add something unique to the presented sample.

  • I believeto have all the predispositions for the job. On the top of that, I believe that people really like to talk to me and be with me, what’s obviously an advantage.
  • I am very motivated to do this job –it’s my dream. If you hire me, I will do my best to exceed your highest expectations and provide a top notch customer service.
  • I believe to be one of the most experiences people in the area of customer service. I have an ability touncover needs of the others and to sell them what they really need or want


How would you convince a prospect to become a client:

If you want to get a job in an interview, you simply need to convince the interviewer that you have this ability of turning the prospects to customers. Every little thing you do in an interview is important. For example, as a good salesman you should definitely keep an eye contact with the interviewers and demonstrate excellent listening skills. Let’s have a look at sample answers:

  • I would try to uncover the needs of the client and match it with the products or services we offer.
  • First of all, I would try to create a good friendly relationship with him. Sales are all about relations. Once I gain trust of a prospect, it will be easier to sell him any product. I would always look at things from his perspective too, so he feels that I care for his well-being, not only for our profits.


For additional Bank Teller Interview Questions please see part II



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