7 Best Ways To Score A Job Interview Through Social Media

Social media is one of the key players in the process of today’s job seeking (job interview) process. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow companies to take a glance of who are the most qualified applicants. Based on a survey conducted last year, they’ve found that 37% of employers make use of social networks to screen potential job candidates. Conversely, a separate survey presented on thenextweb.com showed that a lot of job seekers, nearly around 48%, confessed that they are active in social media on a regular basis, whereas, 19% said they signed in about two or three times per week.

Given these figures, we can assume that we can take full advantage of these pages for job interview searching. Below, are strategies by Brad Schepp, co-author of “How To Find A Job On LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+”, on how to maximized social media as the most effective way to get your dream job.

1. Build Relevant Profiles

Create compelling, professional profiles of yourself that summarize your qualifications, including your job history. According to Schepp, LinkedIn is the suggested site for making such a profile, however Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, among others, are also web pages that are excellent for providing this type of information. These profiles should exhibit not only what you’ve achieved, but should also contain your strengths and the things you can offer to your future employer.

2. Be Active

Schepp recommends you to engage in LinkedIn or Twitter by following companies in your field. In this way, you can instantly get notifications about their new hires, product developments, and other news. Likewise, join their discussions about different industry trends on Facebook. This is a great method to exhibit your expertise and value to a potential employer.

3. Create a Solid Network

With today’s availability of technology, it’s not hard to get connected with others in the same industry via mobile devices such as tablets with data connection for on-the-go online searches. At LinkedIn’s Groups, you can take advantage of its directory to find groups related to your industry. Join those that appear active and vibrant, then introduce yourself to other members. With that, you can build a rapport and be regarded as a source for stimulating content.

4. Be Known As A Resource

After building your network, it’s time to establish your connections by helping out others through actively participating in the networks or groups you’ve joined. Answer questions, share your insights, and provide links to great content on Facebook and Twitter. Once people notice you, it is a sign that you’re successful in building your social worth.

5. Avoid Asking For A Job

Schepp suggests keeping in mind that you shouldn’t ask people outright for a job. Instead, create connections with the right people and then let them be the one to notice your qualifications and skills that would fit their job qualifications.

6. Explore Jobs

Apart from career sites with local searches such as Beyond Orange County, you may also exhaust all possible options for applying via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. After all, they’re just a tap away on your cellphone or tablet.

7. Make A Concrete Plan

It is imperative to set a feasible game plan when you engage with these social media sites as part of your job search. In other words, make sure to organize your plan that suits your primary goal—get hired—to avoid wasting too much time and effort.

Article Source: Beyond (Reese Jones)

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