10 Confident Career Tips for 2015

Determine Short Term Goals – Decide what you are striving for in the New Year as it relates to your current job, a job search, or a career change.  Write down your goals and hold yourself accountable at the end of the year.  Following through on your goals could lead to a raise in pay, a new profession, or new opportunities.

Define Long Term Goals – Now that you have determined your short term goals, where do you see yourself in 5 years?  What steps do you need to take to get there professionally and personally?  By writing these goals down and giving yourself an annual review, you can keep track of your progress and refine as needed.

List out Accomplishments – In the same notebook you now have designated for your short and long term goals, write out a list of your major contributions, quantifiable results, awards, and anything else you can think of relating to your last few positions.  This will help you prepare your resume and remember talking points during interviews.

Refresh your Network – It is always wise to update your professional social media accounts (LinkedIn, Beyond, etc.) and add new contacts.  Commit to maintaining these professional relationships to ensure that when the time comes you can offer and request assistance in your job search.

Consider Adjustments to Work/Life Balance – Maybe you have always wanted more flexibility away from work or maybe you have decided to commit more hours to your craft.  Finding the right balance will ultimately leave you happier and likely more productive.  Pledge to yourself and your family that you will address any imbalance in 2015.

Develop a Plan – If you are ramping up a job search, set goals for application submissions per week and maintain consistency with your attendance to job fairs or other networking events.  Ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable so that your proactive approach does not fall by the wayside.

Refine Skills – Research and complete courses or certifications that are desirable to employers in your field of interest.  Consider volunteer work or technical classes as opportunities to bolster your resume and provide more talking points for interview scenarios.

Research Trends – The New Year brings updated statistics on hiring trends, resume writing trends, and employee feedback on top companies.  These stats can help shape your job search and clearly define what you want out of your next position.

Update Resume – Make sure you follow the STAR approach when updating your resume.  STAR stands for highlighting the Situation, Tasks, Actions, and Results of your work for each position you have held.  Perhaps the resume needs a new format and visual appeal too.  Beyond.com offers a free resume critique for anyone who wants to submit and see what improvements you can make.

Stay Positive – Having confidence and a positive attitude can help you hurdle any obstacle in your job search.
Article Source: Beyond (Nancy Anderson)

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